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I went to the hostel , running. I saw that the door was coming closer and closer , moving up and down. I kicked the door in hurry. The box was at the same position, still . I kept my bag on the bed and went closer to the other side of the bed . The image was coming nearer , step by step. I took a scissor from the cupboard and made myself comfortable by squatting. I took the scissor and teared the tape on the cupboard and kept the scissor on the ground. I carefully opened the box and saw..

a bow full of my favourite cookies!!!!!! yipppeeeeee..

Aaaaa !! I bursted into joy. ‘   I love you mom!’ I removed the cookies and saw my past. The letters, cards specially my love letters. I searched if there is any more special gifts  by her. At the bottom there was a small , red coloured  stick . I holded and looked closer to  it , to examine it.

‘RED SHADE’ was written on the lipstick? I was confused. It may be  a candy sent  by my mom as she  knew that it was one of my favourites when I was a toddler. This brought back my childhood days when my mother would bring red stick candies which looked a lot like a lipstick! I would lick it and in no time my lips and tongue would turn red.

I opened it . Its texture looked pastel . I put it on my lips as a customary ritual which I followed  when I was a child and I even follow it now . I saw that this candy had a darker  shade then the earlier candies I had tried. ‘Maybe it was new in the market.’ I thought. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

‘Come in.’ I said. I closed the lid  and kept inside my jackets pocket as I didn’t wanted myself to look childish or maybe girlish . It was Kunal ..

‘Ha bhai bol !’ I said , looking at him.

‘Aaaaa!…Ravi! pagal hai kya .. ye kya lgaaya hai ..?’ He looked surprised.

‘What happened!’ I asked worriedly.

‘You look into the mirror , you  brat!’ He shouted .

I turned towards the mirror and saw that my lips were coloured with red pastel lipstick .

” Ye kya hai !” I roared . I starting running around the room, behaving like a cave man . ‘ I need a napkin! A paper would also work!’ Kunal throwed a cloth at me . I took the cloth and rubbed around my lips. I noticed that it was my UNDERWEAR which had been kept for washing!

‘Haaaaaaa!! Kunal ye kya hai !!!

‘Ohhhh soo… sorry yr … . He ran away leaving me distressed.


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I went back to my room , tired . I called my mother to ask about her health . As usual she mocked about my room .

What all stupid things you have in your room ? It is such a mess , in disguise! You are so stupid to have so many paper cuttings, love letters , phones which I didn’t gave to you but you have from somewhere and …..a LIPSTICK? How on earth you have this ! We need to talk !! Why are you doing this to tear my heart up ? Haven’t I shower you with my love ? You are so young and  are soft like a feather , you may get heart in all these situations . Please concentrate  in your studies . And if you didn’t topped this time !!! Ghar mat aana aur naaki phone krna ( don’t come home and don’t give me a call in the future) . Forget that you had a mom !!! do you have to justify anything ?

( I had to every time wait for her to speak this sentence, to approve me to speak. Such a decent child I am!)

Mammmmaaaa…..first I am 23 years old …23 years ..you can’t even  count on your finger ..!I am a legal  and a responsible citizen of this country . Second , these paper cuttings are my past and if you don’t like it .. send the whole stuff to me . And I am promising you that I won’t be the last topper but …

But ? she asked delightfully

But .. the SECOND LAST TOPPER .!!!!Ok…mama ..love you got to go for my practice…

Yaaa!! Ravi … she shouted till I hung up the phone .

The practice was as usual rigorous  . The sweat was rolling down from my body . My feet were numb. My shirt was wet. My hair , raised and my face glowing . The confidence was pouring from my body . We were too ashamed to call ourselves  boys . Boys are childish , cute looking where as the men are gentlemen and handsome , masculine  and I was one of them. No doubt .


I was packing my kit when Ramu kaka , our guard uncle came. Aree .. Ravi beta .. Tumhaarai liyai koi box aaya hai . ( a box has been delivered for you ) . I packed my kit and ran towards him

Bohot bhaari hai ! Kya bheja hai mama nai aisa!( It is too heavy ? What has been sent’ by your mother?) Maybe …. His assumptions can be worst ! Pata nhi! ( I don’t know !) he finally said after spitting the paan on the ground .  I nodded and smiled proudly to make him jealous of the gift I had got . We were good friends . Our age gap  hadn’t restricted our everlasting friendship .

I tried to hold the big brown box but it was too difficult . I instructed one of my junior ( what are they for then !)  to help me with the box. He , being a cautious junior took the whole box from my hand. I patted on his back.

I thanked him and took my casual clothes and went for a bath . Then I  had my dinner . After a hefty  dinner I returned to my room . I saw that the box was at the same place  as it was before . I was too tired to open it !

Different  morning , same routine , same people but different memories ! Winter break was near . My mind was running wide in the forest . I felt the scent of the wild flowers blossoming in colorful strands . I was walking through it , gay.  Midway I lost my balance . A rock was in front of me , an obstacle which saw me  as an inferior . My knees were hurt . It was bleeding . After sometime the bleeding stopped but the pain grew and grew . I felt the pain spreading , cursing my immature heart .

‘Uhhh!!! I growled in pain . I stood up and shouted . My friends were silent .

‘What happened Ravi? Naina asked .

I was unconscious . My surroundings were vivid . I suddenly had a strong desire to open the black box .



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‘Good morning Ravi !’ it said.

I was confused . ‘May I know your good name ?’ I replied .

‘ Oh  sorry … my mistake … I am Priyal …’ was the reply.

Ohh…you mean Mithun ma’am … good morning . I replied . You know  I am very good in hiding my feelings . I may message from a different perspective but my heart is into different perspective . I wanted more messages . I desired the chat to go on till the end . It shouldn’t  always end in a good morning or good night but should start from it .

But I had a class . I was forced to keep my phone away as I had to get changed . I went to the mess to have my breakfast . While eating the conversation stricken me . How on earth she got my  personal number ? I had my breakfast in the speed of light !! I ran to the campus , connected to my colleges WiFi , opened my Facebook account and messaged her .

‘ How did you got my personal no.?’ I messaged.

In no time I got a reply . ‘You should know it . You were the one who publicly updated it on your profile .’

Ohhh… I replied . I was relieved.  But somewhere in my heart I was not happy in talking to her. I felt the bad vibes, which , the chats were sending  me from miles .

As usual the classes went boring  . I am considered as the topper of my class ..from backwards .. no doubt . I am well known for my extra ordinary good deeds like hanging out in clubs , doing late night parties , smoking ( never touched) , drinking (  believe me , I have never seen the shape of the bottle ) .

I have my own friend circle . Kunal and Naina are some of them and others are for the sake of friendship .

Everyday I , Kunal and Naina went to the Entete’s restaurant which was owned by Naina’s Anglo -Indian uncle ,  one who had given birth to some beautiful children , specially girls who , are way out of my league . Naina’s uncle’s grandfather had came to India as an instructor  in an academy ( resource : Naina’s uncle )  . His name was.. blah ..blah … ( resource : me) I mean I don’t know… no offence ! Naina always used to get irritated when she would be asked about her ancestor’s history . That person was more remembered as a person who fell in love with a dalit women who worked as a sweeper in the mess where he worked. But the narrow minded people forced him to leave the job as he was now impure and was in the untouchable category , as he had loved a dalit women . According to sources , his life ended in miseries . Why ?

Because that women who was living with him looted his gold chain and some artifacts from his house and run off with his husband !!! How stupid was that man . Didn’t he knew that a women who puts  sindoor on her forehead is married !! Too complex to explain !!!





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It was so confusing . I remember every single name of the teachers in my school but never heard of Priyal Saini . And could Mithun ma’am be Priyal ? How does my friends know about it  but I don’t ?

‘Hi !Ravi. ‘ she messaged .

Do I know you ? I replied for a confirmation .

Yaa..that is why I messaged . My name is Priya.. I was continuously thinking about it . ‘ha.. you don’t know ….. my name is Mithun …. your high school teacher .

I was overjoyed to see her name . I didn’t had any clue about her changed name . I wished her and asked about her health. I was now , so engrossed in the chat , that I didn’t saw when the dinner time had started . I was so happy on reading her name on my friend list but the battery wasn’t with me . It died out , leaving me sad and distressed .

I left the phone on the charger and happily went for the dinner.

The nightly sky was glittering with fireflies . The  tiny and beautiful fireflies, flying high and low were  enchanting the whole sky . I was wearing my best clothes , a tee and denims . Beside me , a beautiful lady wearing the same tee  and denims , as couple dresses. Her hair long and open , shining brightly while neatly resting on her shoulders .

Our hands are holding fire sky lanterns, together smiling and blushing .

I couldn’t visualize her facial features . I couldn’t fit any women’s face on her undistinctive face .

She came closer to me , slowly and gently in front of my face . I felt the vibe from her . The distance was shortened . I didn’t take the initiative . I wanted her to take it . She grew more closer .

‘Let loose it.’she whispered into my ear . I smiled , ‘What?’ ‘The lantern , you idiot . We have to let it go to enjoy it more beautifully .’ she said and moved aside .

I gave her a wicked smile and pulled her closer to my face . I let go of that lantern . I was looking at the sky , smiling .  She was looking at me , smiling .

She again came closer to my neck . I  once again allowed her to take the initiative. But this time, it felt weird . She wasn’t smiling , the serious expression conveyed me that she didn’t wanted my soul but my body . She slowly and carefully came closer smelling me . I wasn’t moving . I wanted my assumption to go wrong  but somewhere in my heart, I felt she is here to leave me forever .

I felt some sharp thing on my neck , moving . I couldn’t tolerate it and faced her . Her red eyes were staring  without an eyeball . Her two white long teeth were protruding . Her mouth was roaring like a beast  .I couldn’t move . She had got hold of my neck, I wasn’t able to breath. The fieriness on her face was growing .

‘Don’t move , you brat .’ she said in a deep cracked voice. ‘UHH…… please ..m..my throat!!’ I said restlessly .  I tried to move her hands away from my neck but she held it more strongly . ‘Don’t move . This is the last warning !!! I need you blood…  shut up and don’t move…I want you to be sacrificed in front of our God! ‘ she shouted .

Her eyes brightened . She moved closer ‘ Please don’t …I want you to leave me. I’ll give you everything but not my precious life.’  ‘Let me have one! You dumb!’ She forcefully rested her teeth , penetrated it in my neck , started sipping. The blood wasn’t erupting .

I had some energy felt. I tried to move myself . In anger she made her hand lockage more stronger around my neck. Uhhhh!!! I cried.

I opened my eyes in cowardliness.

A blanket was on me . I pushed it . I sat in an upright position , relieved to be alive . I moved my hands on my forehead . It was sweating. There was beep sound . I checked my phone ,  a message by an unknown number .



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5 years passed like a blowing wind . I was in my third year of engineering . I didn’t had a girlfriend . I was getting old …and old ..and old . 2 days ago I found a grey strand on my head . My engineering years were going boring as usual . I am just waiting to step my foot out of this hazardous place .

I suddenly had an instinct to go to the mall. I was hungry , thirsty and the best part was that I was penny-less . I dropped my plan and opened my account on Facebook in frustration . There were 57 notifications !! Is this my account ? Am I famous somewhere on this face of Earth?  Noooo … is my account hacked ! ‘Uhhhhh!!!’ I checked and was relieved . Nobody had hacked my account . I mean who is going to destroy an innocent man’s account , one who can’t even get more than 30 likes on his dashing photos .

One person, named Priyal Saini had liked all of my photos . She wasn’t even in my friends list . I went through her photos. As usual a fake account . But the weird thing was that her photos  were filled with pictures of vampires and Dracula and not the photos of Emma Watson and Deepika Padukone . It was my job to check each and every corner of her account but didn’t find anything useful . Finally I went to her friends list and saw  that some of my high school friends were her friends also. ‘Weird.’ I said ‘ She can’t be our friend if she loves vampires .’  Me and my friends in high school had a campaign of stop seeing movies based on vampires and Dracula as it is not good for  ones mental condition. But this rule was every time broken by us in a  very secretive manner, loving the movies at home and hating  it at school .

I messaged about her to Kunal  . My phone ranged . ‘Are you crazy ? Don’t waste my time on asking these silly question!’ He said in an awkward tune . ‘I seriously don’t know . Who is she ? Does she look beautiful ?’ I was totally confused . There was a long pause in our conversation .


‘HELLO.’ I said repeatedly.

‘She is…. Mithun ma’am …. you brat !’ He said.

I didn’t react to the statement and hung up the phone . My eyes were staring on the screen  , signaling a message request by her .




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I maintained a large distance during the final gathering . I couldn’t even have a view of her shadow . I eventually forgot about the proposal as I was busy having a gala time with my friends.

Suddenly a loud roar came from nowhere, which startled the whole gathering . A women came running . ‘BLOOD !!! BLOOD!!! ‘ she shouted at top of her voice . She was running as if the terrorists had hijacked the party . Students and teachers present over there  were tensed . There were  loud chattering . The people were anxious . Some had instantly fainted . Naina, my female fellow mate was crying  on seeing the blood spot on the women’s cloth . We tried to cool her down . Our principal interrogated the women who signaled in the hallway , ‘Blood is eve….everywhere on the… was…washroom….’ .

She was taken to the hospital . The teachers ran and so were we. I was anxious as I wasn’t able to figure where Mithun ma’am was . I did an extra check of the hallway to see if she was there or not .

Blood drops were seen on the washbasin in a mannered way . It felt as if one had done it intentionally . My principal instructed us to look into the situation and directed the teachers  to send the other students  home . He went outside to call the police. We were ourselves very  scared . We were not even  legal adults . Neither less , me and my friends introspected the area . Above the basin , below , beside, in and around the washroom .

I happened to see a red lipstick  of red shade beside the dustbin, below the washbasin . ‘Naina , did any of the teacher wore red lipstick , today ?’ I questioned her . She gave me an ugly expression ,’ Are you crazy ! How would I know ? You are the ones who look into these kinds of stuff!!!’. I nodded and turned around ‘ Kunal , did any of the teacher wore red lipstick , today ? ‘ He was overjoyed and named … Neha ma’am and ……of course Mithun ma’am …he sighed .

Naina patted hardly on Kunal’s back . There is blood and you are talking about the damn lip colors our teacher wore today !!!

I tried to remember if any of the teacher wore it or not..

The police had came and we were called back by our teachers. I didn’t returned the lip stick nor did  I told anyone about it . God knows why …




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Her face looked more beautiful in a closeup . Her black eyes and red lips . Even after putting a regular makeup, she looked no less than a princess. I made a serious expression and started ….

I now , that we have a 12 years of age gap. The number 12…….. is now a curse for me . Just because of you….. I have started to hate my birthday , as its on 12 December . How unlucky I am …..ok .. lets get this straightforward , I like you . I know its absurd , a teacher and a student . Its as if,  we are siblings ,  never meant to be together for life . But I know God has send us in this phase to love each other , to respect each other and to care . Let the society go in hell , lets try ….lets try to be together as ….we are meant to be together…..

I didn’t noticed that I was holding her hands and she was numbed . Her curved smile had decreased to stationed lips . There was an expression of guilty on her face . She was stumbled and I …was panting . I could feel her hands moving  towards my face . I let loose her hands . The surroundings were conflicting in deciding the emotions and so were we .

HEY!!!! said someone from behind . We were startled to death. We both didn’t moved . My teacher moved her hands back to herself. The prediction remained a prediction for life .  We turned our sad faces into one of the happiest faces . My friends interrogated our presence. I was congratulating her on her engagement !Uhhh.. basically I know her husband , his older .. no yo..younger brother is a friend of mine . I said in an uneven voice . My throat was dry after the long unpracticed confession  My friend made zombie like expressions .I felt a little embarrassed and turned and signaled her to speak . She understood and repeated the same thing.

She looked so beautiful while talking . I was gazing and smiling gently . My friends noticed and asked for a second of mine . I greeted her and went away  . “Don’t ever think !!  She is engaged . You won’t be a man ….if you do it!!!!”They whispered and left  . I felt as if I had done a wrong thing . A thing which she would feel uneasy about,  on seeing me… A thing which I can’t let go of …






My hands were waiting for ‘the contact’. But instead she pulled me to herself , giving a big freaking……. hug!!! I was stunned. Should I put my hand or not ..or should I resist …. ooh no how stupid I am .. … ENJOY THE MOMENT RAVI….

She once again congratulated me  on topping my class and excused herself to take the seat as the program was about to begin. I knew that this was the chance that I shouldn’t miss to confess my everlasting feelings for her. I may be a bit small  in terms of the age criteria is concerned but my feelings…..are very much old and everlasting.

After the function was over, I quietly moved closer to her from behind. She was busy talking to the dignitaries. I moved beside them and introduced myself. I could see the glow on her face on seeing me . Her black kohl eyes, natural dark red lips which complimented her cheap earrings.

She was the one typical  girl who would always get jealous on seeing  a more beautiful girl with her male friends. One who would do limitless things to look beautiful and show her aura to the world . There was no human left on the Earth who hadn’t flirted with her . She was everyone darling.

Back to the scene. I used my facial expressions to convey my message , as usual  she didn’t understood. I tried three to four times , until the guests beside us , started to show the awkwardness in being with us. I excused myself and messaged her to meet me in the backyards as I have to tell her something important related to  my career.

I was already there ,waiting anxiously . I couldn’t believe that this was happening . The most disastrous part was that I didn’t even practiced and didn’t knew what will be the outcome of this World War 3 ! Will she say yes? If she slaps me… should I run or act as cool as possible or …’What happened Ravi?’ a voice said . I was startled to see her.







I saw her coming from afar . She flicked her hair smoothly . She was wearing a red shimmered sari with black heels. She came closer …and closer …and closer and ……planted a kiss on my cheeks and combed my hair slowly , looking into my eye……

“Ravi!! Don’t you have that much of courtesy for your teacher ? Shouldn’t you wish me good morning as ‘I am your teacher’ , instead of daydreaming!”  My eyes rolled in confusion . “Oh yes .. Good morning !…Mithun ma’am!” I replied to her in admiration.

She nodded in satisfaction.

I pitted myself in disgrace. I hated myself for being in dreams with her, who has been in my eyes when I am  on the verge of graduation. We have a total age gap of 12 years …ya its 12 years!!!!! ..why on earth wasn’t I born a little earlier!!?

Today she had called for a special class for us , as the final examination were day by day approaching , nerve wrecking us. We couldn’t go outside and have fun . All we had to do was being surrounded by books and references. For the past 6 months I tried my best to be good in Mithun madams eyes. I knew it would bear some results.

We both share a beautiful bond  which is different from others . We are the real diamonds in the box of artificial ones. These are my thoughts, not hers. She never said these lines to me . I made my own. I knew , this one sided happiness wouldn’t last long….

During the class Mithun ma’am happily announced that she is likely to get .. married!!! There was  a  load roar in the class , cheering for happiness … but I was shouting in hatred for that man who is going to marry my lady!! I felt such a macho while doing it in cowardliness . I made sure to confess my feelings to her before that jerk comes to her house and again asks for her hand .

I studied hard for my exams and passed  with flying colors. Then finally the day came for my graduation ceremony. There was no news about Mithun madam’s  marriage . I was more tensed about her than my graduation . This is known as true love. We were all seated in our uniform , excited , except me . Suddenly I saw her coming to us , with a BIG SMILE… LIKE A BIG SMILE!! She was happy to see us. We stood from our seats and wished her. She gracefully put forward her hand and gave a high five. I was nervous . 2 handshakes left … 1 handshake left .. and in 3 sec ….. I am going to have a heart attack … oops….








The airplane had just landed at the airport.  I  felt the energy of the airplane transferring into my body  as I was about to join my dream university. I  couldn’t control my excitement on reaching the campus. I felt the breeze nourishing my body and enlightening my soul. Straightway , I went to the administrative office to check about my room.

‘Name?’ an old fat man drinking tea asked. ‘Vinod Sharma’ I said . 206 is your hostel room ,he said and handed me the keys . My mother had requested the department to not to allot any other mate so I didn’t had to wait for anyone. I  took my suitcase and went to the hostel room . I went on searching for my room in the hostel premises when I finally founded it on the second floor beside a common window of the hallway . I took out the key from my pocket and opened the door.  A bed was attached  to the wall which had four standard sized open windows from where breeze was flowing in , making the room cool and scented. Beside the bed a small wooden table was there and the other side of the wall had almirah . I  was satisfied with the condition of my room. I opened my suitcase and put everything in their respective places . My work was finished and was waiting for the vehicle to come as I had only brought  the primary things and my books and other secondary stuff were being transported by a vehicle.   I was so tired after cleaning my room that my brain was forcing me to take a nap.

I was woken up by my phones ringtone. It was my mother’s boyfriend . I didn’t wanted to receive . I hated him too much as he didn’t deserved  my mother. I didn’t answered his phone , instead he messaged me and informed that the transporting vehicle is outside and is not being allowed inside the campus. Now , my job was to run like an animal , carry bulky stuff with the help of  my thin  palm . I took all the boxes with the help of school workers and straightaway took it to my room. I couldn’t control my eagerness to open it as I didn’t knew what I had packed . Actually speaking  I didn’t packed , it were my parents who did it as I was busy packing my suitcase .  I opened one of the boxes which was named as ‘EXTRAS’ .  I  was confused as my mother  didn’t allowed me  to have any extra  thing as it will be useless and distracting my studies . On trying to push the box I felt how light the box was and looked as if it was empty.

I opened the box and it  was empty , as expected .  Observing it carefully , I saw a dark colored envelope which was neatly stamped . To Vinod ,  it said . I opened the letter …

Hello my child . I hope that you are reading this letter, only you . I also hope that you are reading this letter in happiness and excitement and not in despair because of me . I miss you a lot son . I didn’t know when are you going to read this letter or even this letter would be given to you as I don’t have much faith on people except you and your mother.  All the sufferings that have happened are because of me and I want that all these memories should be rubbed off from your book.

We don’t have any power in fixing our life span . Nobody knows as to when he or she is going to leave this Earth. Maybe I am  destined to die when my child was only 11 years . I couldn’t even meet you for the last  time . That is why I have written you this letter and have put it in this box . I hope it has safely reached you .

The last memory which I had of yours was when , we scolded you to eat dinner with us instead of going to the television room . Suddenly , something happened in my body and the next time I woke up , I was in the hospital , hoping to see you . I don’t even know how much strength is left in me , maybe tomorrow my eternal soul will leave my body .

I didn’t told your mother about my last wish when asked because I want you to know . I will be more happy to see your mom in a white gown with another man happily holding his hands and walking miles in the path of well being . Help her in despair and tell her that its my last wish to see you both happy , without me .

From your dying father

A drop of tear was on the letter . Tears shed down from my eyes . At that time I  learnt what true love is . The everlasting bond even after being dead in what true love is , which has no ego , no revenge . M y father even after being on his dead bed selflessly thought about his family and not himself.  I took the paper and gently kissed it  and said ‘Rest in peace dad ‘ . I knew what I had to do .

I called my mothers boyfriend and told him about the plan and excuses he had to give to mom to bring her here. After sometime he informed me that they will be reaching by tomorrow morning . Meanwhile  my friends  were busy buying stuff for the auspicious occasion. After working and decorating , our work was done and we all doze off to sleep .

Next morning  , they reached  the hostel room and as planned my mother was crying as she was given the information that I am in the college hospital , admitted . Then my  female friends  took her to the girls hostel room in a hurry and there she was surprised to see her wedding dress . Secretly  a video was being recorded to capture the spontaneous reactions my mother had when she saw her old rugged yet golden white wedding gown . My mother was confused. The girls tried their level best to give the most stupid reasons , like your son wants to see you in a gown . My mother didn’t had any speck of idea of what was going on with these students .

The girls dressed her and tried to put  makeup as my mother was refusing it. One of the boys shouted from outside , signaling them to bring her down. The girls took my mother into the decorated hallway  where she saw that everyone was waiting for her.

From behind I startled her by telling that today is her wedding. She was speechless . I touched her rough cheeks and planted a kiss on it. ‘You look beautiful’ I said  . I didn’t gave her the letter . I took her hands and walked to the podium . She was crying . It was the first time I saw her cry . She didn’t even cried at the time of my fathers funeral. You look even more prettier when you cry, I teased her . She giggled . Who is going to marry a widower , and never has Arjun ( her boyfriend ) talked about marriage to me  , she asked . Suddenly she saw him standing up from the crowd of students . He ran to her and knelt down and took out a ring from his pocket and pronounced the special words.

I wished him from aside and moved away from her . My mothers  tears had increased . I could see all these tears had been saved for this occasion . While this memorable scene was going , I joined the crowd . There was pin drop silence . I felt that my mother was not happy  . Maybe she didn’t wanted to be with another ‘HUSBAND’ or maybe she knew that nobody could take  his dead husbands place .

I felt that  I had done one of the greatest mistakes of my life . If felt that the romantic scenes of the movie can’t be implemented on life. Thinking of this I started to cry quietly . My friends tried to console me . My mother didn’t paid attention to anything. Her head was facing the ground, stoned  . The tile beneath me was wet . I didn’t know how she is going to respond unless an until I heard her say ‘I DO.’