The airplane had just landed at the airport.  I  felt the energy of the airplane transferring into my body  as I was about to join my dream university. I  couldn’t control my excitement on reaching the campus. I felt the breeze nourishing my body and enlightening my soul. Straightway , I went to the administrative office to check about my room.

‘Name?’ an old fat man drinking tea asked. ‘Vinod Sharma’ I said . 206 is your hostel room ,he said and handed me the keys . My mother had requested the department to not to allot any other mate so I didn’t had to wait for anyone. I  took my suitcase and went to the hostel room . I went on searching for my room in the hostel premises when I finally founded it on the second floor beside a common window of the hallway . I took out the key from my pocket and opened the door.  A bed was attached  to the wall which had four standard sized open windows from where breeze was flowing in , making the room cool and scented. Beside the bed a small wooden table was there and the other side of the wall had almirah . I  was satisfied with the condition of my room. I opened my suitcase and put everything in their respective places . My work was finished and was waiting for the vehicle to come as I had only brought  the primary things and my books and other secondary stuff were being transported by a vehicle.   I was so tired after cleaning my room that my brain was forcing me to take a nap.

I was woken up by my phones ringtone. It was my mother’s boyfriend . I didn’t wanted to receive . I hated him too much as he didn’t deserved  my mother. I didn’t answered his phone , instead he messaged me and informed that the transporting vehicle is outside and is not being allowed inside the campus. Now , my job was to run like an animal , carry bulky stuff with the help of  my thin  palm . I took all the boxes with the help of school workers and straightaway took it to my room. I couldn’t control my eagerness to open it as I didn’t knew what I had packed . Actually speaking  I didn’t packed , it were my parents who did it as I was busy packing my suitcase .  I opened one of the boxes which was named as ‘EXTRAS’ .  I  was confused as my mother  didn’t allowed me  to have any extra  thing as it will be useless and distracting my studies . On trying to push the box I felt how light the box was and looked as if it was empty.

I opened the box and it  was empty , as expected .  Observing it carefully , I saw a dark colored envelope which was neatly stamped . To Vinod ,  it said . I opened the letter …

Hello my child . I hope that you are reading this letter, only you . I also hope that you are reading this letter in happiness and excitement and not in despair because of me . I miss you a lot son . I didn’t know when are you going to read this letter or even this letter would be given to you as I don’t have much faith on people except you and your mother.  All the sufferings that have happened are because of me and I want that all these memories should be rubbed off from your book.

We don’t have any power in fixing our life span . Nobody knows as to when he or she is going to leave this Earth. Maybe I am  destined to die when my child was only 11 years . I couldn’t even meet you for the last  time . That is why I have written you this letter and have put it in this box . I hope it has safely reached you .

The last memory which I had of yours was when , we scolded you to eat dinner with us instead of going to the television room . Suddenly , something happened in my body and the next time I woke up , I was in the hospital , hoping to see you . I don’t even know how much strength is left in me , maybe tomorrow my eternal soul will leave my body .

I didn’t told your mother about my last wish when asked because I want you to know . I will be more happy to see your mom in a white gown with another man happily holding his hands and walking miles in the path of well being . Help her in despair and tell her that its my last wish to see you both happy , without me .

From your dying father

A drop of tear was on the letter . Tears shed down from my eyes . At that time I  learnt what true love is . The everlasting bond even after being dead in what true love is , which has no ego , no revenge . M y father even after being on his dead bed selflessly thought about his family and not himself.  I took the paper and gently kissed it  and said ‘Rest in peace dad ‘ . I knew what I had to do .

I called my mothers boyfriend and told him about the plan and excuses he had to give to mom to bring her here. After sometime he informed me that they will be reaching by tomorrow morning . Meanwhile  my friends  were busy buying stuff for the auspicious occasion. After working and decorating , our work was done and we all doze off to sleep .

Next morning  , they reached  the hostel room and as planned my mother was crying as she was given the information that I am in the college hospital , admitted . Then my  female friends  took her to the girls hostel room in a hurry and there she was surprised to see her wedding dress . Secretly  a video was being recorded to capture the spontaneous reactions my mother had when she saw her old rugged yet golden white wedding gown . My mother was confused. The girls tried their level best to give the most stupid reasons , like your son wants to see you in a gown . My mother didn’t had any speck of idea of what was going on with these students .

The girls dressed her and tried to put  makeup as my mother was refusing it. One of the boys shouted from outside , signaling them to bring her down. The girls took my mother into the decorated hallway  where she saw that everyone was waiting for her.

From behind I startled her by telling that today is her wedding. She was speechless . I touched her rough cheeks and planted a kiss on it. ‘You look beautiful’ I said  . I didn’t gave her the letter . I took her hands and walked to the podium . She was crying . It was the first time I saw her cry . She didn’t even cried at the time of my fathers funeral. You look even more prettier when you cry, I teased her . She giggled . Who is going to marry a widower , and never has Arjun ( her boyfriend ) talked about marriage to me  , she asked . Suddenly she saw him standing up from the crowd of students . He ran to her and knelt down and took out a ring from his pocket and pronounced the special words.

I wished him from aside and moved away from her . My mothers  tears had increased . I could see all these tears had been saved for this occasion . While this memorable scene was going , I joined the crowd . There was pin drop silence . I felt that my mother was not happy  . Maybe she didn’t wanted to be with another ‘HUSBAND’ or maybe she knew that nobody could take  his dead husbands place .

I felt that  I had done one of the greatest mistakes of my life . If felt that the romantic scenes of the movie can’t be implemented on life. Thinking of this I started to cry quietly . My friends tried to console me . My mother didn’t paid attention to anything. Her head was facing the ground, stoned  . The tile beneath me was wet . I didn’t know how she is going to respond unless an until I heard her say ‘I DO.’



I come from the land of Rajouri which has a chequered history since the Mahabharata period. The famous Chinese explorer Hiuen Tsang visited this region in 632 AD and has stated that Rajouri was a kingdom and was a part of Kashmir.

It has also seen furious fights between mighty Mughals and Rajas of Kashmir. So to say that the intestines of Shah Jahan is in Rajouri. The area has also faced brunts during various wars between India and Pakistan since their creation . Rajouri is a land of valleys and is surrounded by mighty mountains of Pir Panjal Range. There are number of lakes in the higher reaches of this area. God has gifted Rajouri with flat valleys  and through which river flows and has snow caped mountains looking at the valleys. It is an example of cultural diversity and has a population of various religions and ethnicity who speak diverse language like Urdu , Kashmiri, Dogri, Gujri . The area has various shrines , temples and gurudwaras.

I love every season of my native place, be it moderate summers , charming springs or the shivering winters . My fond memories are playing in snow and making snowman in my ancestral house I welcome my worthy readers and friends to visit this land of lakes and valleys and take with them some beautiful and immortal memories.


HELLO TO MY FUTURE SELF ….. I am the younger version of yours, a clueless and a carefree child who doesn’t know how ones life works and is not interested in knowing why we cry or laugh ? Maybe you know about it because you are more mature and responsible than me .

Maybe there  will be a time when you would cry , lock yourself in your room and look up to the fan thinking that the universe is calling you back because they don’t need weak people in this world  which is filled with  dumb and greedy people. You would be cursing your parents ( which are mine too!!) and that Mrs. Sharma for being that one typical neighbor, who tries to boost about her invisible stylish daughter to demotivate you. The most adventurous part will be thinking about it for hours at night almost breaking your sleeping pattern and next morning waking up and behaving as if nothing has happened because you care about your favorite T.V. series and  would be thinking about the future of your accounts at networking sites.

Maybe I am too small to talk to myself about depression and suicide but it hardly matters . Writing a letter to yourself and after years,  accidentally reading it makes you feel how strong you were in your thoughts while writing it down on a piece of paper. There is no shame in talking to your beloved ones about depression or asking them to organize  a therapy . You don’t have to think about what the society thinks . They were not the ones who gave you birth, they were not the ones who spent their valuable energy in tying your shoe laces ,so that you could walk without tripping down  on the road . Don’t try to fulfill societies dream.. try fulfilling yours and your parents dream.

Don’t blame yourself for not being attractive or intelligent. A person having a clean heart is the ultimate human being . Try to be in your comfort zone . Being adventurous doesn’t mean drinking, smoking and smuggling  drugs . A cool person is one who follows the rules . There will be many social and emotional hardships . Remember that everything happens for a reason . An obstacle comes in ones path so that he or she can prove that ‘how strong I am !’

There is no age of spreading love . Instead of throwing lavish parties and buying branded clothes,  try to go to an orphanage to celebrate with them . Give the foundation monthly charities not to impress others but to impress yourself.

And lastly never be shy to cry or laugh in the middle of a crowded street or dance on roads while its raining to show your love to the God and His blessings. These small routines don’t just make your disordered life stable but helps you to understand the true meaning of living life to the fullest…..

Yours immature version


I saw my mother burning some photos of mine, in despair. She couldn’t resist to look at it. I could feel the burning sympathy of her while turning my photos into ashes. She was frustrated to see my belongings in her room . My clothes , my drawing hanging  outside the house ,which I had gifted her on her 50th birthday had holes on it and my photos which had beautiful and  perennial memories with her. I didn’t knew how to react . My mother  wanted to erase everything and move on. Was it good for my after-world or was it good for our relationship? I couldn’t find the answer from her heart.

Deep in my heart I was happy to see my mother’s actual emotional strength . She lost her life  . She  felt the need to take a last glance at me and my father before moving on. She took my favorite woolen jacket which was collectively made by us .

The Sun wasn’t out for its morning walk . The dark-colored smoke  was gathered around her . She didn’t had  any option but to move forward . She was  emotional , caring and was a powerful specie ever made by Almighty God . I could feel the pain in her lifeless body . She paced slowly until she reached my ‘permanent house’. Beside me , my father  was laid down , giving me a sense of security and affection .

I saw my mother coming . Even in the most dreadful place she was glowing  and I could see  her fake  lightened smile. I couldn’t even bow to her as I was paralyzed. She was me laying . She tried to stop her growing tears but couldn’t , instead she smiled. ” It is so cold outside dear , have this  jacket ”  she said . She rubbed the plate bearing my name   , sobbing and cursing herself of not being a good mother. I was heartbroken and felt the need to console her. I apologized  to her for not being a good child . I remember the last words from her mouth , child don’t go outside .. the God is throwing a cursing rain on us, don’t  go….



  • The Taj Mahal is also known as ‘THE CROWN OF THE PALACE ‘ , situated on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal Emperor , Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal .
  • It includes a mosque and a guest house and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a crenelated or  a battlement wall.


  • Jahan wanted to find a way to honor his wife’s memory and thus , the idea behind the Taj Mahal was born .
  • Not only was construction time-consuming but it also required skills and work of many people.
  • Thousands of artisans , craftsman and laborers worked on the structure under  Ustad Ahmad Lahauri , the principal designer.


  • The tombs from which the Taj Mahal draws inspiration are the Tomb of Timur, Humayun’s Tomb and Jama Masjid.
  • It contains both Mughal and Persian architecture and encompass components of Islamic,Indian, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish architecture .
  • The Taj Mahal has restrained ‘pietra dura’ decoration that forms vining floral designs with extensive calligraphic inscriptions in black lettering .
  • Most of the texts are short verses from the Quran , emphasizing themes particularly the Day of Judgement .
  • Some calligrapher presume that the tomb is allegorical representation of the ‘Throne of Allah’ above ‘The Garden of Paradise’ on the Day of Judgement.


  •  CHANGING COLOR –  The Taj Mahal changes beautiful color . It is believed that this change of color is symbolic of the changing moods of a women.
  • THE FOUR MINARETS – The four minarets surrounding the Taj Mahal are slightly tilted  outwards, to prevent earthquake.
  • SECRET PASSAGE – It is said that there are  secret rooms and passages inside Taj Mahal. These rooms have been  sealed since the time of Shah Jahan.
  • RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS – Many people believe that it was originally a temple of Lord Shiva . People claim that it was built even before the Mughals invaded India.